Holding Tulips And Compact-Holder
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Holding-tulips and Compact-holder for caser and uncaser

For the beverage industry, Canadian Packaging has a wide range of standard holding-tulips and compact-holders for the most various range of operation and particular customer needs.

Grab Tulip
Standard Holding-Tulips
  • Suitable for all casing/uncasing machines of various OEMs like Krones, Kettner, Holstein & Kappert, SEN, Simonazzi etc.
  • Inserts available in PU, Vulcolan etc.
  • Various guiding rods with rigid or flexible design and multiple connections
  • Special sizes, particular executions for clip-lock & special PET bottles

Special Grab
Spezial holding-tulips
  • Our special holding-tulips enable a long operating life with increased efficiency and limited air consumption.
  • An integrated ejector is an optimal solution for decasing empty PET-or Screw-Cap bottles for various OEMs e.g. Kettner and KHS
  • Highly resistant Polyurethane inserts provide long operating life.