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Mechanical Seals Din Standards

Mechanical Seals for simple applications such as water (hot/cold), food industry, processing of pulp media as in paper or waste water industry.

Typ TM10
Gleitringdichtung für einfache Anwendungen wie z.B. Wasser/Heißwasser, Lebensmittel sowie auch stoffhaltige Medien wie z.B. in der Papier- und Abwasserindustrie.

Drehrichtungsunabhängig, Elastomerbalg in EPDM oder NBR, entlastet, lieferbar auch in den DIN-Längen N und K.

Typ TG60
Stationary rings of DIN Standards
Whenever overhauling your worn Mechanical Seals appears more convenient in financial regards we´ll gladly take this over.

As our stocks contain wide ranges of single parts we are able of quick and cost effective maintenance. Please send your worn Mechanical Seals to us for evaluation and you will promptly state our suggestion!

Typ TM30
Conical Spring - Mechanical Seals
All-purpose Mechanical Seal of low cost for wide application range for drinking water, dive pumps, pumps for chemic media Bound of direction of rotation; unbalanced

Typ TM90
Mechanical Seals with Sinus Spring
Rugged and reliable Mechanical Seal of DIN standard with protected sinus spring. Suitable for media containing solids or high viscosity media as in waste water, paper or sugar applications. Not bound of direction of rotation.

Typ TM 680
Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals
High performance Mechanical Seal suitable in extreme ranges of temperature and for high viscosity media. Ideal for media including abrasive components as waste water. Not bound of direction of rotation and balanced.