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Mechanical Seals For The Water/Waste Water Industry

Special Mechanical Seals for pumps in sewage water treatment and pump stations.

Analog to Hidrostal
Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals with rubber bellow protected spring. Ideal for media including abrasive components e.g. in pulp industry

Our sortiment of Mechanical Seals is compatible to all leading producers of pumps as:
  • KSB Pumpen
  • ABS Pumpen
  • Flygt Pumpen
  • Hidrostal Pumpen
  • Netzsch Exzenter
  • Seepex Pumpen
  • Allweiler Pumpen
  • Wangen Pumpen
  • Ritz Pumpen
  • Jung Pumpen
  • Grindex Pumpen
  • Pumpex Pumpen
  • Egger Pumpen
  • Andritz Pumpen
  • Ahlström Pumpen
  • Robot Pumpen
  • Bornemann Pumpen
  • Homa Pumpen
  • Grundfos Pumpen
  • EMU Pumpen
Analog zu Flygt
Mechanical Seals for Spezific Pumps
Specific Mechanical Seals for dive pumps and agitation units for all types off DIN standards. Common material combination: Carbon/Ceramic or Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide

Analog zu EMU
Cartridge Mechanical Seals
Compact and easy to install Cartridge-Seals (Double-Mechanical-Seal) for dive pumps of special types for extreme applications.